Thursday, April 13, 2017

Poetic Social Justice Contest: Using Words to Change the World

From an organization for sustainable living

Weilding Our Words to Create a Best World

In honor of National Poetry Month, Wordy Wonderings and Sylvanocity are hosting a Poetic Social Justice Contest to promote using our words to create writing that will inspire the world to change in positive ways.  Care to join in? 

Write a poem
                       Create a Visual Poem
                                                          Perform a Spoken Word Poem

And share it with me via a comment on this blog by April 30th The winner will be announced May 5th on Wordy Wonderings and Sylvanocity, a creative community on FB.

We'd also like to encourage you to submit your work to:

The Live Arts Contest, if you're in high school or college


The Scriblerus: an online arts journal 

Because they would like every voice to be heard, every vision seen, and every culture represented in an artistic effort to reshape the world for peace, equity, and justice.

Need a little help with your poem? 

Here are a few links that might help:

Let's Change the World One Word at A Time

A few notes on my blog:
The comment feature is monitored, so when you post a comment, it goes to me, then I approve it for posting.  Weblinks are not live, so I will be posting all links to poems in the body of the blog as they come in, so stop by often to see the work that's turned in.  Thank you!!!

In honor of social justice and the power of poetry, the prize for this contest is recognition on WORDY WANDERINGS and SYLVANOCITY and the potential of winning the LIVE ARTS CONTEST (if you're in college or high school) and publication in THE SCRIBLERUS.....


10 Powerful Inspiring Poetry Books to the School of Your Choice that needs more books!

The first Entry from Tracy Bryan. Thank you for this inspiring piece, Tracy! You can learn more about Tracy and her work on her website.


YOU in The World

Can you SEE the world?

Look at the people.
Smiling, Laughing, Sharing.
Look at the animals.
Snuggling, Healing, helping.
Look at the nature.
Growing, Blooming, Feeding.
Look at you. You’re beautiful.
Open your eyes.
Look around at the sights and SEE the beautiful in the world.

Can you HEAR the world?

Listen to the sounds of people.
Humming, Chatting, Singing.
Listen to the sounds of animals.
Purring, Chirping, Barking.
Listen to the sounds of nature.
Buzzing, trickling, swishing.
Listen to you. Your breath. Your heart beat.

Open your ears.
Listen to the sounds and HEAR the beautiful in the world.

Can you TASTE the world?

Savor the taste of food.
Nibble, munch, bite.
Savor the taste of drink.
Sip, quench, slurp.
Savor the taste of flavors.
Sweet, salt, sour.
Savor what you eat.

Open your palate.
Savor the flavors and TASTE the beautiful in the world.

Can you SMELL the world?

Sniff the people inside scents.
People smells, Baking aromas, cleaning fragrances.
Sniff the nature outside scents.
Flower bouquets, Water sprays, Animal odors.
Sniff the scent of weather.
Rain splashes, sunshine gleams, snow sparkles.
Sniff the scent of you.

Open your nose.
Sniff the scents and SMELL the beautiful in the world.

Can you FEEL the world?

Close your eyes.
Can you FEEL the world?

Can you feel your breath and your heartbeat?
Breathe and JUST BE with yourself.

Can you FEEL THE LOVE you have for yourself?
You are beautiful!

Can you FEEL THE LOVE you have for your family?
For your friends? For nature and animals? Beautiful.

Can you FEEL THE LOVE you have for the world?
Isn’t it beautiful?

Open your heart and LOVE all the beautiful in the world.