Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Letting a Little of the Spook In

On All Hallow’s Eve are you ready to let a little of the spook slip in your writing? Well, then step right in to this Tight Write Bite by A. LaFaye and learn how you can weave the unease into a text with one irksome detail among grounding details as you descend into an exploration of what readers fear...

Click on the title below to see a short video tutorial on how to add supernatural suspense to your writing:

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Going DEGA!

Diversity, Equity, and Global Awareness in the Classroom Through Literature-Based Cross-Curricular Units

In the first week of October, I presented at the Illinois Reading Council's annual conference with a presentation on going DEGA in the classroom. I'm sharing an abreviated version of the presentation which unfortunately doesn't include the wonderful contributions of the audience, but it does allow you to get a clear overview of the approach.  I've also included all of the links in the presentation below.

Here are all of the links for the resources discussed in the presentation:

by Sandra Horning
Illustrated by Jon Goodell

Divesity- Who Raises Chickens?
         Urban Coops
         Farm Coops
A resource for teaching research skills:  Chicken Facts for Kids

Equity:  Who can afford chickens?

Global Awareness:
  Chickens around the world. Example:

Cross-Curricular: Science: Life Cycles

Here are a few aditional resources:

Go DEGA! An empower your students to Be the Change They Want to See!

Divesity- Who Raises Chickens?
    Urban Coops