Monday, April 30, 2018

Philosophy of Revision:What's Yours? 

Your invited to watch this video exploration on developing an empowering philosophy of revision I'd love to know your thoughts on revision.  Feel free to chime in to the comments below:

Monday, April 16, 2018

Finding the Right Voice

Let's Your Writing Sing

Here's a Tight Write Bite (aka a video tutorial) on finding your voice:

Here are a few exercises to apply what you learned in this tutorial:

1. Think of a story you're just itching to tell in a poem, short story, essay, or novel, tell the story outloud.  Now tell it again and record yourself.  Listen to the recording. Don't judge, just listen.  Now let another person within the "story" tell it. Record it.  Listen. What do you notice about the differences? 

2. Write a story in the genre of your choice in 1000 words or less (that's 4 pages), then rewrite it from the perspective of another character. What did you learn? 

3. Read three poems/essays/stories on the same subject by different authors. What do you notice about the differences in the way they use voice? What can you use within their technique to develop your own voice? 

If you've tried any of these exercises, please comment below to hsare what you learned.  

Let your writing sing!