Monday, April 1, 2019

Let's Leap in Spring 

Poetry to Ponder: Writing Spring Poetry with Specific Wordsa fun tutorial for young poets

Did you know that a dog can show you what spring is all about? 
Katrin B. at Pixaby

Don't believe me? Then click on the link to read this poem by Marilyn Nelson. It's called "April is a Dog's Dream"

Care to try a little spring poetry of your own? Then watch this tutorial on writing a spring poem using Nelson's poem as a mentor text:

(If the video doesn't play automatically, just hit play again) 

Here's a look at the writing advice from the video with a link to the Marily Nelson poem "April is a Dog's Dream"

Poetry to Ponder: Writing a Poem About Your Favorite Spring Place

When writing poetry:

Be Specific

1.     Choose words that give readers as picture
a.     Soft grass growing
b.     Sweet breeze blowing
c.     Wind full of singing
d.     Chew and charge and chase

Park, playground, creek

Share words with a partner
            What can you see?
            What do you smell?
            What do you hear?

2.     Sense words—see, hear, touch, taste, smell

3.     Action words—growing, blowing, singing, chew, charge, and chase

4.     Make music with your words—look at how you can make fun sounds with words

a.     Repeating sounds like “ing” -growing, blowing, singing or “ch” in chew, charge, chase
b.     Look at the music in specific words like “breeze”

Most importantly—have fun sharing your favorite place in spring in a poem of your own!

Poets: If you'd like to share your poem here, feel free to share it in the comments.  

Teachers: If you have a poetry exercise you'd like to share, please do.

Write on!