Friday, July 13, 2018

Introduction to Poetry

Do you love poetry? The music of it? The way it makes you contemplate the nuainces of life? Me too.   If so, then you may enjoy this video just for the fun of exploring a great poem by the talented poet Billy Collins.

If you HATE POETRY, than please watch this video, it may change your mind or at least slip a poetic note under the door of your resistence to poetry. 

Either way, I hope you enjoy this short video I created for my cross-cultural literature class this week. 

The poem discussed in the video is "Introduction to Poetry" by Billy Collins. 

The guide to analyzing poetry discussed in the video can be found here: How to Analyze a Poem from the Learning Centre at Vanier College

What is your favorite poem? Why is it your favorite? Can you recall a poem that changed the way you looked at poetry? Please Share.