Friday, June 8, 2012

Well, we can all tell that A. LaFaye is not with it.  She can't keep up with slang-- she's still hung up on the impressive fact that "twit" has meant the same thing for nearly 900 years. That a lot to say for any word.  I mean look at "weird" and how many times it's changed its meaning-- well, actually we changed it-- us talking and writing folks. Well, most people blame Shakespeare, but I'm not one for bandwagons, so I'll just blame Fancis Bacon. Seriously, though, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging on my blog, but I've never been one for that either.  I won't offer any empty promises of intending to write more often--afterall, I can't even remember my New Year's resolution at this point, so how can I, in good conscience, say I'll remember my blog site password and actually post regularly to this thing. Let's just say my words aren't the only thing to wander like my thoughts, the point of this blog, or my mind.  So, I'm off to wander about .  Hopefully, I 'llwander back soon.  I hope you're well and reading and/or writing facscinating things.  Do tell me aobut them. 

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