Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Few Views On Freedom

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"Free as a bird"
or so they say
but I don't think of it
that way
they free to 
        be rained on
        have their eggs crushed
        trees cut down
        nests knocked from their firm grasp on
                     porch light
                     garage joist
                     light housing in the barn
they cannot go to concerts
perch on a bench at the Met to contemplate Corbet
and the Woman with the Parrot
Freedom carries with it weights and balances
free flight on a windy day
for the right to have their homes taken away
Seems like that words
so symbolic of "freedom" 
come with a heavy price to pay

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"What I wouldn't give for 
an ounce of their energy"
she says with a sigh of age, 
gravity borne wrinkles,
pew leaning grace
Would you give away
    the timing & entrees of meals each day
    the clothes you choose
    the moral bar you jump over
    the subjects of study that occupy your day
   they have no bills to pay
   their house is on another's pocketbook 
   their laundry spins by another's hands
Yet and all
Trades are made
Ground is gain
And lost
We each have our own sources of energy
some run hot and quick 
                   lightning come to ground 
some run long like the house furnace
that warms and cools and runs 
                                all through the night


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